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Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners and the global community, the company improves industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping to build better lives.

At Novozymes, they are unique in their dedication to enzymes and microbes. For more than 70 years, the company’s work with these biological problem solvers has made a big difference to our shared world. Novozymes works with innovative customers across the globe, helping them produce more from less, make their products stand out and reduce costs.

Novozymes and the SDG's

Novozymes was one of the pioneers in integrating the SDGs into their purpose and strategy. The company’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has never been stronger. One of its key focus areas is related to water (SDG 6). Having access to clean water and sanitation is one of the most pressing challenges our society faces, and it is the key to unlocking progress in several other SDGs. Novozymes’ solutions have the potential to make a real difference, especially in water treatment. Therefore, the company introduced water as a new program in its innovation pipeline in 2017.

To support the company’s research, Novozymes is also working to establish strong partnerships. The company launched the HelloScience open innovation platform, which aims to foster and deliver solutions related to all the SDGs. As part of its initial activities, HelloScience opened with a focus on SDG 6. UNICEF was an initial partner and issued a call for solutions to detect contamination in drinking water.

Novozymes will also continue to focus on the global challenge of mitigating climate change by ensuring access to clean and affordable energy for a growing world (SDGs 7 and 13). In 2017, the company worked closely with global and regional partners to support the decarbonization of the transportation sector and the deployment of low-carbon fuels. In Brazil, Novozymes’ work supported the adoption of RenovaBio, a groundbreaking new regulatory framework which sets targets for cutting carbon emissions for fuel distributors, in line with national commitments to the Paris Agreement.

The company’s future growth depends on its ability to deliver transformative innovations to support the SDGs, especially in emerging markets, and catalyze partnerships for wider and lasting impact.

Novozymes' contribution to the global sustainability agenda

Novozymes created HelloScience, an open innovation platform, to help bring meaningful ideas to life. By connecting people and resources, the company believes that it can find solutions to the biggest challenges facing it today.

Sustainable solutions start with promising ideas. Novozymes is an expert in industrial biotechnology, but the company knows that it alone doesn’t hold all the answers. By sharing its expertise, technology, and resources, the ambition is to develop ideas into sustainable solutions, together with partners.

HelloScience has already fostered collaboration. Novozymes has partnered with water technology expert Grundfos and Dutch start-up NX Filtration, a company specialized in membrane technology, in an explorative collaboration for clean water. The aim is to remove pesticides and other contaminants from drinking water sources.